The greeting cards that keep you smiling ....

Lori Faye Bock     

C138 Spoiled Rotten (H)

C107 Just Another Day In Paradise (H)

C136 Maestro ... I'm Ready! (H)

C104  A Few Of My Favorite Things (V)

C134  A Gift for You (V)

C128 Concentrate .... You Must be Joking! (V)

C126 Can't Sleep (V)

C103  Catch Me If You Can ... And He Did! (V)

C141  She Should Be Home Any Minute Now (V)

C130 Anticipation (H)

C147  When? (V)

C127  In Your Face 24/7/52 (V)

C102  Watch Out Girls ... It's Snacktime (V)

C140  My Life As I Know It (V)

C139  What's Next? (V)